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Hand-Cranked Gatling Gun Fires Off 100 Rubber Bands

Hand-Cranked Gatling Gun Fires Off 100 Rubber Bands

By Chris Scott Barr

How many times as a kid did you make a rubber band gun out of a pen, or some other small parts? If you were a troublemaker like me, it was probably pretty often. However, your guns probably never fired more than one or two of the rubber projectiles. Then again, if you had somehow produced a rubber band Gatling gun such as this, you’d have probably ended up with detention for a good month or two.

This hand-cranked gun can pop off 100 rubber bands as quickly as you can move your hands. The device is constructed almost entirely from solid billet aluminum, so you know it is going to be one tough machine. Of course, for $500, it had better be solid. Check out the video of it in action after the jump.

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