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CleverWraps Disposable Gadget Cases

CleverWraps Disposable Gadget Cases

CleverWraps (Images courtesy CleverWraps)
By Andrew Liszewski

At first glance CleverWraps is the kind of product that seems completely unnecessary. I mean who wants to spend money on a disposable plastic bag for your phone or tablet when you can pick up a reusable case instead for just a few bucks more? But being disposable is the CleverWraps biggest strength.

A run-of-the-mill case might protect it from daily wear and tear, but with something like the iPad that’s become a handy kitchen accessory, you’ll be paying quite a bit of money for a high-end case that’s able to stop liquids from getting to your $500+ cookbook in the event of a spill. But the CleverWraps sleeves, for the iPad at least, cost around $5 a pop, and pretty much guarantee a toppled bottle of olive oil isn’t going to incapacitate your toy thanks to an interlocking Ziploc-like seal and a fold-over adhesive flap. And if that does happen, cleanup is as easy as removing your iPad from the plastic sleeve and tossing it. (The sleeve that is.)

The CleverWraps are also available in custom sizes for cellphones (5 for $9.99) whether it’s a bar, sliding or flip model, as well ebook readers (3 for $14.99) for keeping them sand, pina colada and suntan lotion-free while on vacation.

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