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Play Your Favorite Classic Handheld Games From The Comfort Of Your Browser

Play Your Favorite Classic Handheld Games From The Comfort Of Your Browser

Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr. (Image courtesy Pica Pic)
By Andrew Liszewski

If March Madness isn’t already gobbling up most of your free time, I’ve found something that will. As long as you still hold a candle for the segmented LCD handheld games of the 80’s & 90’s. Created by someone calling themselves Hipopotam, Pica Pic is an interactive website showcasing their collection of old-school electronic games. But it’s not just a gallery of photos that would maybe kill a half an hour. No, these are fully playable versions of each game lovingly recreated in flash. (Finally, a reason to love like not hate flash!)

They’ve gone as far as to remap the controllers and buttons for every game to keys on your keyboard, and of the 19 obscure titles available there are a few that are recognizable including Donkey Kong Jr. pictured above and a Tiger Electronics version of the The Terminator that I found pretty confusing. There’s even a Game & Watch multi-screen version of Zelda that’s unfortunately not playable just yet, but will have me checking back in the near future as I really want to give it a go.

[ Pica Pic – Hipopotam’s Digitalised Collection Of Handheld Electronic Games ] VIA [ Notcot ]

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    Just wanted to say thanks for posting this! You guys never fail to find something awesome!