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Toshiba’s USB Powered Mobile Monitor Gives You More Screen Real Estate On The Go

Toshiba Mobile Monitor (Image courtesy Toshiba)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not the first USB-powered, portable external display designed to complement a laptop, but Toshiba’s new Mobile Monitor is now officially the one to beat, at least when it comes to size and price.

At 14-inches with a widescreen resolution of 1366×768 it’s actually useful for more than just monitoring a Twitter feed or docking a couple of Photoshop palettes. Of course in terms of color fidelity and contrast you’re probably not going to want to rely on it for color critical work if you are using it for Photoshop, but for a bit of extra screen real estate while stuck on a laptop for on-set work like a photoshoot, it looks pretty slick.

In terms of brightness the Mobile Monitor maxes out at 220 nits, but that requires the use of an optional AC adapter. So if you just stick with a single USB cable for power and connectivity for convenience’ sake, you’ll have to settle for a slightly dimmer display, but I’m sure it won’t be an issue for most users. All in all it weighs in at just under 3lbs, includes a handy carrying case that turns into a stand, and is available now for just $199.99.

[ Toshiba Mobile Monitor ]

  • Randy Addison

    I think this is cool. But if I were to get this one, I could have just bought the iPad 2. but this is great for an iPod complementary monitor.

  • Techni Myoko

    ipad2 costs 2.5 times more