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Press Conference Mirror Will Make You Feel More Important Than You Really Are

Press Conference Mirror (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sometimes you need a bit of an ego boost to start your morning. And those motivational pep talks you give yourself in the bathroom will feel all the more important with this Press Conference Mirror from Perpetual Kid ($26.99). You’ll feel like you’re the center of attention in a media scrum, surrounded by reporters shoving mics in your face, trying to capture your every word.

At 11×15 inches in size it’s probably not big enough to replace the larger mirror already in your bathroom, but you can use the included hanging hardware to put it anywhere you feel inspired to deliver a rousing state of the morning address.

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  • Randy Addison

    This is actually a great way to boost your confidence. But this seems to be more like a fake hope to someone. lol But thanks for the idea. This is really useful.