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I’m Sure There’s Lots Of Demand For A $1,300 Morse Code Signal Lamp These Days Right?

Morse Code Signal Lamp (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not saying it will never be useful, I’m just saying I’m finding it hard to see how anyone could justify dropping $1,300 on a decorative morse code lamp, even if it is fully functional. It’s got seven louvers covering the 13 1/2-inch lamp which are controlled by a metal handle, and the aluminum and brass finishes give it an authentic look that I’m sure any family member who served in the Navy in the late 1800’s will appreciate. Though in lieu of the carbon arc lamps of yesteryear it uses a single 100-watt bulb of your choosing for your illumination. So purists beware! Available from where other than Hammacher Schlemmer.

[ Morse Code Signal Lamp ]

  • FindMyGift

    I recon I would entertain me for about 48hours. Then I'd either get bored or the neighbours would have called the police.

  • Philbert De Zwart

    a 100 Watts? The design is not the only thing of the last century.