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Acronym’s Handsfree Circdiscover iPad Bag Costs Almost As Much As The iPad Itself

Acronym Circdiscover iPad Bag (Images courtesy HAVEN & Acquire)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s a sucker born every minute, but without them who would keep designer luxury brands in business? We all know the iPad costs far less to build than its $499 price tag, but paying a bit of a markup is ok since deep down we all know a lot of R&D and design went into its creation. This Circdiscover iPad Bag from Acronym though? Not even close.

It’s made from something called ‘Dimension Polytant® Superlight X-PAC’ fabric reinforced with Cordura, but that, and the fact that it can be worn horizontally or vertically and allows for ‘handsfree’ iPad usage, doesn’t even come close to justifying its ludicrous $483 price tag. If it was made from another iPad, maybe I can see some justification for it costing so much, but it’s not. You’re basically just paying for a brand name I’ve never heard of. And I’m a guy obsessed with bags and cases.

[ Acronym Circdiscover iPad Bag ] VIA [ Acquire ]

  • Tile cleaning

    This is the coolest thing ever!!! Thanks for sharing

  • Tile cleaning

    This is the coolest thing ever!!! Thanks for sharing

  • Dénes Muskotál

    Acronym has got some very nice coats, and trousers, but probably – well – over priced.

  • David

    You must be one of the suckers that are born every minute.

  • custom research papers

    maybe, i didnt see. but you know..i cant also find anything that great in this bag. just a simple bag.. how can it cost so much? i would never buy it