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Russell Hobbs Washing Machine Cleans Your Clothes In A Mere 12 Minutes

Russell Hobbs Washing Machine Cleans Your Clothes In A Mere 12 Minutes

Russell Hobbs 12 Minute Washing Machine (Image courtesy ASDA direct)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s probably not going to get the job done if you spent your day wallowing around in a pigsty, but for reasonably soiled garments, this washing machine from Russell Hobbs has a ‘super rapid’ mode that can clean an entire load in just 12 minutes! The secret is apparently a twin jet system which blasts the load with water and detergent at the same time using two separate nozzles.

Not only does it apparently offer a better wash, but it can also reduce water usage by 15%. And since it’s running less, it also reduces energy consumption by 30%. That equates to saving the average family about 212,415 gallons of water over a lifetime, and 2 years and 4 months of time spent waiting for the washer to finish. That’s time that can be better spent living life and dirtying more laundry! ~$400 (£247) for the 7kg model pictured above, and ~$520 (£320) for a 9kg model.

[ ASDA direct – Russell Hobbs 7Kg White 1200 Spin Washing Machine ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

  • Air Duct Cleaning Kendall

    Great site and I look forward to checking out your updates!

  • essays

    12 minutes? oh no… i will never believe in that. is it magical? i dont think so.. 12 minutes is just …unreal time for cleaning. even if i see that in my own eyes i cant say that i would believe…

  • Anonymous

    These are great machines and I have owned the graphite russell hobbs model for 6 months now. 12 minute cycle is great if you want to wash a couple of tops but any more and it isn’t amazing. Still clothes are fresh and suprisingly quite dry when they come out. Other normal cycles are fantastic.