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Pop Art Toaster Prints Happy Messages On Your Toast

Pop Art Toaster Prints Happy Messages On Your Toast

By Chris Scott Barr

Are you one of those people who is always chipper first thing in the morning? I can say with confidence that I am not. Thankfully, I work a late shift, so I rarely see mornings these days. And yes, for some reason waking up in the afternoon is much easier, despite getting the same amount of sleep. Anyway, if you love mornings as much as I do, why not get a toaster that feels the same way?

This Pop Art Toaster is a novelty at best, but it may serve to put a smile on your face. You see, whenever you put in a piece of toast, it get a happy little picture or phrase burnt into it. Things like “Bite Me” or “Ugh” are sure to mimic your own feelings. If you’re actually having a good morning, you can take out the templates for plain, boring toast. Buy one of these for $45 and ThinkGeek will even throw in a USB-powered cup warmer. Because nothing starts the day off wrong like a cold cup of Joe.

[ ThinkGeek ] VIA [ Coolest-Gadgets ]


3 responses to “Pop Art Toaster Prints Happy Messages On Your Toast”

  1. FindMyGift says:

    lol. Like the bite me one

  2. NeoTechni says:

    Templates? Awww, I was hoping it was a real printer

    Then we can finally find out what paper jam tastes like

  3. This is cool! The one with the Bite me toast is cute! lol My kids will definitely enjoy breakfast with this toaster. lol