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Lexar Introduces A 128GB SDXC Card, You May Never Have To Delete Another Photo Again

Lexar Pro 133x SDXC Cards (Image courtesy SlashGear)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you spend your days shooting RAW images on a large sensor DSLR then 128GB of storage on a single SDXC card will certainly be handy, but not life changing. However, if you prefer to go all Ansel Adams with just a compact P&S capturing JPGs, then 128GB of storage is going to go a long way. In fact depending on how prolific you are, you may end up replacing the camera well before you need to delete a single shot.

The Class 10 rated card boasts a minimum read speed of 20MB/s (though write speeds are a bit slower) and come with Lexar’s Image Rescue software which can recover files off a card even if it’s become corrupted. Not exactly reassuring when a memory card manufacturer includes recovery software by default, but losing 128GB in one fell swoop would definitely suck. Not surprisingly early adopters will be paying a premium for the 128GB card, $329.99 to be exact, though a more affordable 64GB version is also available for ‘just’ $199.99.

[ Lexar Professional 133x SDXC Card ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

  • David

    I got a better deal recently– 32GB class 10 card for $49 at Amazon. works great in my Nikon including for video use.

    Two of those is WAY cheaper than one 64GB Lexar Pro.