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Roxio’s Game Capture Hardware Lets You Record Your Pwnage – But Only At 480P

Roxio’s Game Capture Hardware Lets You Record Your Pwnage – But Only At 480P

Roxio Game Capture (Image courtesy Roxio)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you think your PC or console gaming exploits are worthy of sharing with the masses, but don’t know the first thing about capturing video, Roxio’s got you covered. The company is already well-known for their user-friendly video capture and DVD creation solutions, and have now created the Game Capture which will let gamers share their expletive-laden clips of pwnage and impressive feats of button mashing on YouTube, Facebook and other online communities.

It’s available as a software-only ($49.99, available Q2) PC version that’s able to capture gameplay at full screen resolutions, or a hardware/software ($99.99, available March 24) combo for consoles. The only catch is that when it comes to consoles the hardware, which connects to your laptop via USB, only records at 480P. That’s fine for the Wii which maxes out at that res, but kind of lacking when it comes to the hi-def capable Xbox 360 and PS3. Both kits also include editing software for adding transitions, overlaid graphics and even voiceovers, and will even hold your hand when it comes to the online uploading process.

[ Roxio Game Capture ] VIA [ Joystiq ]

  • blipton

    Would be nice if it could capture directly from my vga / dvi connector. Solutions requiring software tend to be choppy and/or require video hardware acceleration to be turned OFF.

  • NeoTechni

    I'd have bought it if it did 720p