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Rolobox Reusable Wheel Kit Looks More Useful Than As Just A Toy

Rolobox Reusable Wheel Kit (Images courtesy Basic Play)
By Andrew Liszewski

If your home is being overrun with empty boxes from FedEx, UPS, Amazon and countless other online purchases, and you have kids, Rolobox will let you kill two birds with one stone. It might be an old joke, but I’ve never known a kid whose eyes didn’t bug out of their heads at the sight of a large, empty box. It’s like a blank canvas for an active imagination, and thanks to this Rolobox kit, they can now be used to make more than just forts and castles.

Of course a cardboard box can easily be turned into a race car with nothing more than a crayon and a crude ability to draw circles, but these Rolobox wheels will actually let your kids take it for a spin around your house. They attach to a box using a set of plastic nuts and bolts, and except for the fact that they require you to punch 4 holes in it, I don’t see why these wouldn’t be a great office accessory for moving around boxes full of files and crap. But I guess it all comes down to how much weight they can actually support and the structural stability of the box itself. $13.95 available from Amazon.

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  • M W

    Hi all, Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the maker/inventor of the Rolobox? Got an idea for him. Mike