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The Hela Disc – Coming To Roof Tops And Neighbors’ Yards This Summer

The Hela Disc – Coming To Roof Tops And Neighbors’ Yards This Summer

Hela Disc (Images courtesy nKline)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the Aerobie? It was a red ring throwing toy popular in the 80’s and 90’s that was the first real competitor to the Frisbee’s throne. When it came to distance it could really outperform your traditional throwing disc, but that also served to be its downfall. As kids we loved playing with the Aerobie, but ‘playing’ only accounted for about 5% of our day. The other 95% was spent trying to retrieve the Aerobie from neighbor’s fenced-in backyards, or off the roof of our house. So I can’t help but look at the Hela Disc with a little bit of skepticism.

Unlike the circular Aerobie, the Hela Disc has more of an oval shape with an arched airfoil design the company refers to as the FlexFoil. The far ends are also slightly weighted, so when thrown there’s a sort of centrifugal effect that flattens the disc out in flight, increasing its stability. In fact it apparently makes the Hela Disc more playable in windier conditions, so you don’t have to put off playing just because conditions are blustery. Of course there’s no reason to think the Hela Disc won’t spend just as much time trapped on roofs given it’s boasted to have a 150 foot throwing distance, but since they’re just $18.95 each, it won’t break the bank to keep a backup on hand.

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