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Sony Announces Game Save Cloud Storage For PS3

Sony Announces Game Save Cloud Storage For PS3

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It seems that Sony decided to be awesome and announce that the PS3 is going to start using cloud storage for its PlayStation Plus subscribers. The cloud will allow gamers to upload all of their saved game data to the network with 150 MB of storage. Starting up today, this online safe for your information will be available for use. You’re also going to start seeing more PS3 games coming out that will be better suited to take advantage of this feature.

Again, this offer is only for PlayStation Plus subscribers, but at only $49.99 a year, I’d say not having to worry about what might happen to your hard drive is worth it. For a limited time, all of you PlayStation lovers out there will get an extra three free months if you subscribe for a year.

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  • Perry Schmidt

    This is a great feature. I wonder if they will somehow tie this into the new NGP (PSP2). Possibly picking up your PS3 games where you left off on the go. I would love to have that option for sports games like NBA 2k11 so that I could play the same franchise mode on both systems. That option alone would be a major selling point for the NGP and PS3.

  • MagicWuff

    Cool. Ive been a PSN+ user from day one, I don't plan on using this feature right now, but there are plenty of other reasons to buy it.

    I have received well more then $50 worth of discounts and free games with my investment.
    (Spyro, wipeout HD, syphon filter, yeah…)

    Also, that three free months thing has been around since they first came out with PSN+.

  • Modern Warfare 3

    Its a good added feature, one which alot of PSN users have been asking for, especially considering how frequently the YLOD was occuring with the phat PS3. I hope they roll this out for everyone to benefit in the coming months.