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Yamaha’s VSP-1 Noise Generator Masks Your Conversations

Yamaha’s VSP-1 Noise Generator Masks Your Conversations

Yamaha VSP-1 Noise Generator (Image courtesy Yamaha)
By Andrew Liszewski

Some people complain about the crappy music they play at restaurants, but they fail to realize it’s not always there just to provide a bit of ambience. Background music can also serve to keep conversations at a crowded restaurant private, which is what Yamaha’s VSP-1 is also designed to do, though on a much smaller scale. In essence it’s not that different from those Hammacher-esque white noise generators designed to make it easier to fall asleep, except that the 8 included sounds it plays, like babbling river, forest or even ‘urban clutter’ are specifically engineered to effectively mask other sounds like a conversation between two people.

In fact in the company’s the testing the VSP-1 was able to mask up to 89% of a conversation at best, and at its worst it was still able to block out about 48% of what was being said. And since it’s just under 9 inches tall, it’s not unreasonable to have a few of them working together to increase their overall effectiveness. Available sometime in April in Japan for ~$1,200 (¥105,000).

[ PR – Yamaha VSP-1 ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]


One response to “Yamaha’s VSP-1 Noise Generator Masks Your Conversations”

  1. This is a great way to privatize your conversations and also a great way to make your daughter sleep through the night. River sounds and seashore sounds are somewhat soothing to the ears.