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TrendyKid Wash & Brush Timer

TrendyKid Wash & Brush Timer

TrendyKid Wash & Brush Timer (Images courtesy TrendyKid)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not convinced when your young’n tells you they’ve properly washed their hands or brushed their teeth? Just install this Wash & Brush Timer from TrendyKid in your bathroom and there’s a chance they just might do a good job at either task for once. The timer features a couple of easy to understand buttons that start an invisible countdown, 2 minutes for teeth brushing and 20 seconds for hand washing. While the counter is running a green light flashes faster and faster until it’s about to expire, at which point it turns red letting them know they’re done, or at the least can stop making brushing and/or washing sound effects to fool you. It’s powered by 3xAAA batteries, can be easily stuck or screwed to the wall and runs ~$8 (£4.99) if bought directly from TrendyKid.

[ TrendyKid Wash & Brush Timer ] VIA [ Babyology ]


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