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PlugShare Lets You Know Where You Can Charge Up Your Electric Car

By Chris Scott Barr

Let’s say that you’ve gotten yourself a shiny new electric car, and are taking it for a trip across a few states. Instead of planning the shortest route like you would on most trips, you instead have to plot out locations where you’ll be able to add some juice to your ride. That’s right, the downside to having a car that doesn’t rely on gasoline is finding somewhere to charge it up. Well it would seem that there is an app designed to help solve that problem.

PlugShare is an iPhone app that allows people to specify that they are willing to let people charge up at their location. Since public charging stations are few and far between, this could be a good solution. Anyone can sign up and let people power a car at their house, or even business. If you’re wanting to help out the EV community, feel free to sign up. Who knows, maybe you’ll need to plug in your car at someone’s house in the future, so why not do the same for someone else?

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