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As I Predicted, That New Magnetic iPad Smart Cover Is Already Changing The World – Behold Magnetic Baby Clothes!

Magnificent Baby (Images courtesy Magnificent Baby)
By Andrew Liszewski

Many of you laughed at me when I raved about Apple’s new iPad 2 Smart Cover last week, but it’s obvious that the company’s newfound appreciation for magnets will soon catch on elsewhere, and even inspire other products. Like this Magnificent Baby infant wear line that foregoes annoying zippers and snaps in favor of, yep you guessed it, magnets! Who’s laughing now huh? (Probably still most of you…)

Of course giving credit to Apple is probably a little unfair since I’m pretty sure this company didn’t pop-up in the last 4 or 5 days, so maybe it was the other way around?… Either way, the use of magnets in lieu of snaps, zippers and even velcro is a pretty great idea since the garments almost close themselves once the magnets are properly aligned and close to each other. Particularly when you’re dealing with an infant who’s not so keen on the idea of getting dressed.

The magnets are also completely safe for the child, aren’t strong enough to accidentally pinch a small finger, and are securely sewn into the garments so they’re impossible to swallow. And while they’re maybe not the cheapest solution when it comes to dressing your little ones, I guess the benefits, like being able to hang your kid on the fridge while cooking in the kitchen, have to be factored in.

[ Magnificent Baby ] VIA [ Cool Mom Picks ]

  • petermclean

    You could attach the kid to the metal plate in Uncle Larry's head too! That would make a great family photo.