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Rubber Chair Leg Chew Toy For Dog Owners Who’ve Just Given Up

Rubber Chair Leg Chew Toy (Images courtesy Wannekes)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tired of your dog chewing on the legs of your dining room chairs but are too apathetic to actually teach them to stop? This Gaia & Gino chew toy, designed by Jennifer Yoko Olson, is the perfect solution for those of you who’ve just given up when it comes to pet ownership. Made from natural rubber they wrap around the legs of wooden chairs and let dogs gnaw away without damaging, or at least further damaging, the chairs themselves. They’re available in creme, fuchsia, purple, brown and turquoise colors for ~$35 (€25) from Wannekes.

[ Gaia & Gino Chew Leg Cover Toy ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]