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Apple Revolutionizes Tablet Cases With Their New Smart Cover (Also There Was Some Mention Of A New iPad)

Apple Smart Cover (Image courtesy Apple)
By Andrew Liszewski

Apple held an iPad event today and unveiled what will truly be the future of tablet cases. As Mr. Jobs pointed out, the case they had originally designed for the iPad did a great job at protecting it while being functional, but tended to hide the iPad’s great design aesthetics. So their new Smart Cover is as minimal as it can get while still protecting the iPad’s screen. The secret, like with everything awesome in the world, is magnets, which hold the cover and its hinge in place, ensuring it’s always aligned properly. And when you roll back the cover it automatically wakes the iPad, no button presses needed. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

Apple iPad 2 (Image courtesy Apple)

Oh… also… apparently there was an iPad 2 announced today as well that’s now powered by a considerably faster dual-core A5 processor, has a set of front and back HD-video capable cameras for Facetiming, has managed to shed a bit of thickness and weight and is slated to hit stores (in the US at least) on March 11th in black and mythical white for the same price as the original iPad. Not necessarily a must-have upgrade, UNLESS you want to use that Smart Cover since I doubt it’s compatible with the iPad 1.

[ Apple Smart Cover & Apple iPad 2 ]

  • David

    “Revolutionize” is a strong term for a plastic or leather cover that is foldable and includes a couple of magnetic hinges. gimmie a freakin' BREAK!!