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‘The Three Little Pigs And The Secrets Of A Popup Book’ For The iPad

The Three Little Pigs And The Secrets Of A Popup Book (Images courtesy Game Collage, LLC)
By Andrew Liszewski

One of the areas where the iPad shines is interactive children’s books, but before you start complaining about those interactive elements taking away from the simple pleasures of reading, let’s not forget that pop-up books provided a similar experience well before even Apple’s original computer was cobbled together. And while some of the charm of a real pop-up book is lost on the iPad since you know it doesn’t require any clever paper engineering tricks to make it work, I think both kids and adults will enjoy a new virtual pop-up title called The Three Little Pigs And The Secrets Of A Popup Book.

Besides high production values and varied interactive elements throughout the story, the book also gives you the option of turning on an x-ray view of every page, showing the supposed mechanics of what’s going on in the background. Now of course the various gears and pulleys and what-not that are revealed are far more complicated than what you’d find in an actual pop-up book, but it doesn’t make them any less fascinating to explore. Check out the video of it in action I’ve included below to see what I mean.

The book is available as of December of last year on the iTunes App Store for just $3.99, and while it seems to be a universal title working on both the iPad and iPhone, I think the experience will be a lot more enjoyable on the iPad’s substantially larger display.

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  • Ulysses Cisneros

    Now this is unique. You can't beat a price of 3.99. I would be very tempted to buy this, even not owning an Ipad.