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Buying A New TV? Now You Have To Decide Between LCD, Plasma Or A Crystal Ball

Holoart Crystal Display Ball (Images courtesy the Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

The next time you’re out shopping for a gigantic new flat-screen TV to impress your friends, don’t forget that sometimes big things come in little packages. Sure, a 100+ inch monster taking up 80% of your living room would be eye-catching, but what if you flipped on the big game and it magically appeared like a hologram inside a 3.9-inch crystal ball sitting on your coffee table instead? That would be impressive too right?

Well probably not, but at the least it’s oozing with novelty charm. That’s probably why the Japan Trend Shop recommends it as signage or advertising for stores, pubs or even a reception desk. It’s got a basic video-in connection so it can actually display video from a DVD player or other source, not just static images. But, the whopping $4,909 price tag is probably going to produce more spit-takes than sales.

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  • Ulysses Cisneros

    Much to expensive.