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You Think Your Cable Provider Is Annoying? This Is What I See On Channel #208

Rogers Rotisserie Channel (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Lots of customers like to complain about their cable provider, particularly when it comes to channel packages requiring you to subscribe to numerous channels you don’t want, just to get a channel you do. And I’m not saying those of us up here in Canada have it the worst, but anyone with access to Rogers’ HD content will find channel #208 now shows a non-stop loop of rotisserie chickens cooking and turning on a spit, complete with crackling and sizzling sound effects.

According to the The Globe and Mail, the Rotisserie Channel is actually a marketing initiative between Rogers and a popular Canadian restaurant chain known as Swiss Chalet, and will run until late May when presumably we’ll finally learn how and why all those chickens ended up on that mysterious island… For the most part the Rotisserie Channel remains unbranded, but every once in a while viewers will be encouraged to visit Swiss Chalet’s website with a promo code for discounts.

  • Justin

    Rogers can suck my proverbial dick.

  • Mike Chua

    hahaha.. did it managed to hypnotize you?