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Turn Your Tablet Into A Second Monitor With iDisplay

Turn Your Tablet Into A Second Monitor With iDisplay

By Chris Scott Barr

Having a tablet is great, but they are expensive. Don’t you wish that you could get as much use out of one as possible? Well now there’s a handy piece of software that’s going to let you use your iPad, or any Android-powered tablet as a second monitor for your computer.

iDisplay is an app that can be downloaded to your device, and along with the desktop application, extends your desktop onto the tablet. All you need is to sync up the software by entering an IP address, and setting your device on a stand so that you can see it. I’d say that’s pretty handy, and at only $5, it’s cheap too.

[ iDisplay ] VIA [ IntoMobile ]

  • my IndieGoGo project needs you

    … not sure it's useful … but surely it needs a dedicated stand

  • Techni Myoko

    They need a version that lets another Windows PC (UMPC/Laptop) work as a display.