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Coobeeo’s HELLO-Q PC Tower Case Is Building Block Friendly

Coobeeo HELLO-Q PC Tower Case (Images courtesy Coobeeo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Possibly inspired by Pentax’s Nanoblock-friendly NB1000 digital camera, a Taiwan-based PC tower case manufacturer called Coobeeo has created the HELLO-Q which features a front face plate covered in building-block studs. From the look of the product shots I can’t tell if the case is unofficially LEGO-friendly, but I’m sure it works just fine with one of the local brands of building-block knockoffs available there. And while the ability to spell out messages or use the bricks to hold pens is cute, I’d like to see someone construct a RAID enclosure or something that really takes advantage of how this case can be customized.

[ Coobeeo HELLO-Q PC Tower Case ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]