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RainPerfect Eco-Friendly Watering System

RainPerfect Eco-Friendly Watering System

RainPerfect Eco-Friendly Watering System (Image courtesy ITT Flow Control)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sometimes mother nature doesn’t always deliver rain, or enough of it, when it’s needed. But instead of tapping into your city’s water supply to keep your begonias blooming, the RainPerfect kit is a completely self-contained, eco-friendly watering solution.

Well, technically you do need to provide a water barrel for collecting rain, but the RainPerfect kit comes with everything else you’ll need including a solar-powered rechargeable pump that’s capable of sending 100 gallons of water at 13PSI through your hose on a single 8-hour charge. The kit will set you back ~$150, but when you consider that it theoretically won’t be adding to your water or electrical bill, it’s probably one of those things that will pay for itself over time.

[ RainPerfect Solar Powered Rain Barrel Pump System ] VIA [ Inhabitat ]

  • Randy Addison

    Thanks for sharing this one. My wife really needs one in her greenhouse! I think she's looking for something like this since the beginning of her garden. By the way, where can we find this device?