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Microsoft Express Mice Let You Express How Cheap You Are

Microsoft Express Mouse (Images courtesy Microsoft)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you find a wireless mouse stuffed full of rechargeable batteries to be a bit heavy, or extra buttons too confusing, and are right-handed, you might want to check out Microsoft’s new Express Mouse. At $19.99 it’s the cheapest mouse you can buy that includes the company’s BlueTrack Technology for more accurate tracking, but it forgoes wireless functionality in lieu of an offset USB cable which makes it look like using the mouse on the left side of a computer might be a touch more difficult for south paws.

It’s of course got a scroll wheel and left and right mouse buttons, though the overall design seems to be inspired by Apple’s Magic Mouse, which is the one area where you don’t want to copy Apple’s design choices. Available starting in April in your choice of Flint Grey or Hibiscus Red, with four other colors joining the party in June including Turf Green, Dahlia Pink, Ultramarine and Coast Blue.

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