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Giha Woo’s Ghost Keyring

Giha Woo’s Ghost Keyring

Giha Woo's Ghost Keyring (Image courtesy Giha Woo)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m just going to come right out and burst everyone’s bubble before you all get too excited. This clever and amusing take on the traditional round keyring which adds the ghostly outline of a key so it blends in with the rest of your collection, is nothing more than just a concept designed by Giha Woo. It’s not available for sale, it probably doesn’t exist outside of a 3ds Max wireframe and given it dates back to 2009, there’s probably no chance it will ever become a reality. Even though I’m sure millions of people (myself included) would happily trade a dollar, if not more, for one.

[ Giha Woo’s Ghost Keyring ]

  • Michael Real

    Wow. Really cute design I should say. But it could be useful if people can use that hollow ring or whatever you call that to unlock doors or that certain lock. So it may serve useful.

  • Parker Longacre

    Just wanted to say thanks for bursting my bubble before I read the whole thing. Me want 🙁

  • Arthur Corrigan

    Ha-ha! That's funny!