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I Want To Work In A Plexiglas Dome Too!

I Want To Work In A Plexiglas Dome Too!

PONS + HUOT Offices (Image courtesy Christian Pottgiesser Architects)
By Andrew Liszewski

We don’t cover a lot of architecture here on OhGizmo!, unless it brings something more than just a clever design to the table… err structure. But I felt compelled to share this amazing office space, particularly with those of you stuck in a cubicle environment. I know how soul sucking they can be… I’ve been there… but as you can see there’s always hope that there’s someplace better out there. In this case the ‘someplace’ is the offices of PONS + HUOT, designed by the French firm Christian Pottgiesser Architects.

PONS + HUOT Offices (Images courtesy Christian Pottgiesser Architects)

It’s a beautiful example of how sharing a workspace doesn’t have to involve felt walls and speckled gray desktops. The giant organically shaped wooden desk provides endless real estate for employees to pull up a chair and work, and those who don’t necessarily want to collaborate or be disturbed can take refuge in a series of clear plexiglas domes that provide a bit of solitude. The trees sprouting up through the desks are a nice touch too, but what you can’t see in the handful of photos I’ve included are the meeting rooms cleverly hidden below the desk, so head on over to the Christian Pottgeisser Architect’s website to see the entire gallery of this amazing creation.

[ Christian Pottgiesser Architects – PONS + HUOT ] VIA [ Freshome ]

  • xdmag

    This work environment is so relaxing, I'd get to work and promptly fall asleep.