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FlapFlap Floating Floor Lamp

FlapFlap Floating Floor Lamp (Image courtesy design3000)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I wish I could attribute this clever floating lamp to the work of an anti-gravity machine, or even the Jedi, I’m afraid the real secret isn’t really that secret. It’s probably just voodoo magic. That or a reinforced power cord, I don’t know. The design3000 website is all in German, which is like Greek to me… but written in German. For ~$265 (€195), which is actually quite reasonable for a design-y item like this, the FlapFlap lamp doesn’t even come with a bulb which is totally lame. But I’m sure the stunned look on visitor’s faces when they see it totally makes up for the lack of included accessories.

[ FlapFlap Floating Lamp ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

  • Ian Brooks

    “Greek…but written in german”. Ha! That made me chortle…. an Internet to you, good sir.

  • Ian Brooks

    “Greek…but written in german”. Ha! That made me chortle…. an Internet to you, good sir.

  • Ian Brooks

    Google did magic and translated the page for me:

    “FlapFlap ° 10 is a true work of art from a lamp. The floor lamp floats as if by magic , and nullify the laws of gravity on the. And the trick is simple: The cable is increasingly invisible .

    FlapFlap ° 10 is exceptional and a real eye-catcher in any room. For the past ten years, the light on the market and become a true design classic. For the tenth anniversary special edition of the lights, this appeared: the FlapFlap ° 10 :

    Conjure up in your four walls and atmosphere you play with illusions – design enthusiasts with a penchant for extravagance are FlapFlap ° 10 want to call your own.”

  • Drew Rickett

    I almost want a bigger rocker switch on the floor, it seems like I might break that one stepping on it to turn it on and off…

  • Franco1975

    This is very cool. *LIKE* …..but $ 265???

  • Eric Miltsch

    Coolest lamp ever. Want.

  • Randy Addison

    I would definitely get one. I think the cord makes it stand. that the most probable guess. lol. Thanks for sharing. But the price makes me want to think twice.