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Air Swimmers – Another Attempt To Make Blimps Entertaining

Air Swimmers – Another Attempt To Make Blimps Entertaining

Air Swimmers (Image courtesy William Mark Corporation)
By Andrew Liszewski

Oh lighter than air vehicles… will you ever capture the public’s heart? My guess is no. That whole Hindenburg incident a few years ago was a real PR nightmare, and since that day the most exciting applications we’ve found for blimps have been advertising tires or MetLife insurance. And in a time when kids can get a living room-friendly remote control helicopter for like $30, I think you’re going to be hard-pressed to sell them on a larger, slower, helium-filled alternative.

But surely blimps that look like marine life will get kids excited right? That’s the working theory behind these new Air Swimmers which are essentially remote-control helium-filled mylar balloons that look like a shark and a clownfish. I’ll award them a few points for originality since they actually use the back and forth motion of their tailfins to propel themselves through the air and steer, and as you can see in the video below they move at a pretty fast clip.

Buuuuuuuuut… they’re still blimps. And if a gigantic one drifting over a stadium isn’t enough to hold my attention for longer than 4 seconds, I have my doubts a smaller home version will do much better at keeping me entertained. Available sometime in July for $39.99.

[ Air Swimmers ] VIA [ DVICE ]

  • TwoReplies

    Cynicism is best left for the users.
    OhGiz, you just lost me as a reader.

  • Chris Johnston

    Well, after last year's wonderful Christmas Special, you could sell these to Doctor Who fans!

  • Randy Addison

    Is there a blue whale version of this! This is cute! I would want a blue whale floating around my house! That would be really amazing!

  • bobclancey

    available soon from

  • Jacta alia est

    Andrew, you’re an idiot.  I’m so glad I don’t follow your blog, because you are completely wrong about this toy.

    If they were publicly traded, I would have bought 1,000 shares for a short position.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe this guy can’t see how amazing these “Blimps” as he calls them really are!  They are cool.  Their motion in the air seems to mimc the motion if they were really in water.  I think thats what facinates me the most.  I’ve been coming across these toys all over the net.  And everyone in all of the videos seem to appreciate them.

  • Brian Ray

    You should join the Air Swimmer community/fansite  they talk about modding the air swimmers and such lol it’s actually a pretty cool website nonetheless.

    nice site btw!