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Scaloupe Scalp Camera

Scaloupe Scalp Camera

Scaloupe Scalp Camera (Images courtesy DigInfo TV)
By Andrew Liszewski

It seems the people of Japan are far more conscientious about their scalps and haircare than I am, because the thought of holding a webcam against my head to see what’s really going on up there has never occurred to me. Also the fact that my only webcam is embedded above the display on my laptop makes for a few logistical issues when it comes to analyzing my follicles. Not any more though, because a company called Spec Computer has created the Scaloupe, which is a USB webcam with a macro lens and a miniature white LED-illuminated ‘softbox’ that lets you get up close and personal with whatever scalp conditions you’re looking for.

It lets you examine the top of your head via a live feed displayed on your PC, and if you’re particularly proud or worried about a certain spot up there, you can snap a photo for further analysis. However, since the Scaloupe is not a medical instrument it’s advised against using it for official self-diagnosis. Available now for ~$96 (¥7,980) presumably only in Japan.

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