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Nerf Swarmfire Takes Out Your Foes Quickly

Nerf Swarmfire Takes Out Your Foes Quickly

By Chris Scott Barr

Nerf guns seem to satisfy that part of us that wants to go around shooting people. Not because we want to kill them, but there’s nothing quite as excited as a good old-fashioned shootout. Well if you’re looking for the gun that’s going to give you an edge in the foam-dart arena, this Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire might just be what you need.

Since this is one of the battery-powered offerings, you’ll need only squeeze the trigger to unleash a round of 20 darts into your foe. Expect a little more heft to this one, as it requires a stunning six “C” batteries. I can’t honestly remember the last time I bought some of those. Look for this to hit shelves this spring for $30.

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