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I’m Sure CTA Digital’s Nintendo DS Padded Puppet Case Won’t Traumatize Your Kids… That Much

Padded Puppet Pouch for DS Lite and DSi (Images courtesy CTA Digital)

CTA Digital, probably best known ’round these parts for their bowling ball, inflatable go-kart and strap-on nylon wings Wii accessories, have decided that they’re not content to just fill your living room with pointless gaming crap. No, now they’ve set their sites on ensuring your kids wake up in the middle of the night screaming after a puppet-induced nightmare.

I’m sure they had the best of intentions when they introduced this Padded Puppet Pouch designed to safely store a Nintendo DS in its gaping jaws, but good intentions do not stop this thing from looking totally unsettling. Trying to put a positive spin on it though, I guess it could be an effective tool for treating a gaming addiction if your little ones spend too much time with a DS in their hands. I guarantee once this enters your home they’ll be spending their afternoons building treehouses, riding bikes and doing anything they can to avoid coming back inside the house. Available now from Amazon for just $10.

[ Padded Puppet Pouch for DS Lite and DSi ] VIA [ Digital Nipples ]

  • MagicWuff

    CTA: The leader in obscure gaming accessories. From the same people who brought you the wii bowling bowling ball.

  • Marble Jazz

    Your kid must be a real punk to be scarred by this.