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Hasbro’s Battleship Live Gets Extra Electronic-y

By Andrew Liszewski

There have been versions of Battleship dating back to the late ’80s that incorporate electronic elements like sound effects and a light-up board. But at this year’s Toy Fair Hasbro revealed the latest incarnation of their naval warfare game, now known as Battleship Live. It’s kind of a hybrid between a video game and a board game, and features a central tower with an infra-red camera hidden inside that’s able to automatically detect where all of the ships (and other pieces like cannons and spy planes now) are on the board. It can even detect the position of your hands since by simply touching certain parts of the board you can make and confirm various commands.

Battleship Live is slated to be available sometime in the Fall, most likely just in time for the holiday spending spree, and will retail for around $49.99.

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