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HP’s New TouchPad Tablet

HP’s New TouchPad Tablet

HP's TouchPad Tablet (Image courtesy HP)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well Palm, you had a pretty great run. You showed the world that a PDA didn’t need to have a battery sucking color display in order to be useful, and while the fantastic Pre didn’t end up being the saving grace you wanted/needed it to be, the fruits of your efforts will live on, even if your brand doesn’t. Yesterday HP revealed one of the reasons they bought Palm, in the not surprising form of their first non-Windows based tablet, the TouchPad.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-CPU 1.2GHz processor the TouchPad sports a 9.7-inch 1024×768 capacitive, multitouch display and for all intents and purposes isn’t remarkably different than the current generation iPad. It does sport a front-facing 1.3MP camera for making video calls, has Wifi, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity and all those fun, interactive toys like a gyro, compass and accelerometer. It will even ship with a beta version of Adobe Flash Player 10.1.2 for those who still think that’s relevant.

HP's TouchPad Tablet (Image courtesy HP)

But one of the more unique features that will make the TouchPad stand out in an already crowded market is the next generation of the Touchstone technology. It originally facilitated the use of an induction charging base with the Palm Pre, but with the TouchPad and new Pre3/Veer (also both revealed yesterday) the Touchstone technology will let you simply tap your smartphone on the tablet to share a URL between them. Hopefully it can be used to share other info like contacts and even the contents of your clipboard too, but that remains to be seen.

Pricing and availability for HP’s new toys are all TBA at this point, though with the iPad 2 looming hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

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  • brianadams

    Well, they had my interest whenn it was going to be win 7 powered. Lost me completely with webOS instead of Android, and you know it will be WAY overpriced compared to Android tablets. And the Android tablets will be more popular with the developers, so more apps for android less for webOS.

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