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FDA Approves The LipoControl Laser Fat Removal System Which Means It Probably Won’t Cut Your Arms And Legs Off

LipoControl Laser Fat Removal System (Image courtesy Osyris Medical)
By Andrew Liszewski

Last year we brought you the CoolSculpting system which disposed of fat cells under the skin by non-invasively freezing them. The LipoControl system is essentially used for exactly the same purpose, but uses the ‘pewpew’ power of lasers instead. To be specific, a 980nm laser diode is used to bust up fat deposits under the skin (it’s still an invasive procedure to a degree) but the system provides real-time visualization and feedback of the area being treated. It even tracks the speed of the doctor’s cannula, applying more or less power to the laser as they move it faster or slower so that it’s always at the optimal treatment level.

LipoControl Laser Fat Removal System (Image courtesy Osyris Medical)

And since I’m no fatatician I don’t feel like I’m qualified to question how effective the procedure is, but it looks to me like after 3 months the machine has only really succeeded in adjusting that woman’s undergarments. Still though, if you’ve ever tried to adjust them yourself you know how difficult that can be and you’ll realize what an important innovation this really is.

[ Osyris Medical’s LipoControl Laser Fat Removal System ] VIA [ Medgadget ]

  • Franco1975

    Andrew was doing really well reviewing the pew-pew laser but he got distracted by the panties…*shakes head*
    Some ppl develop fat pockets ie stubborn fat areas. I have chipmunk cheeks. I can diet and lose weight but the fat pocket at my cheeks is the last place to lose fat. Some ppl have it at the tummy or the love handles. This laser will help.