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Bobble Bottle Has A Built-in Filter

Bobble Bottle Has A Built-in Filter

By Chris Scott Barr

There are many reasons to use water bottles. They help to save the environment by not using a zillion throwaway plastic bottles, and they’ll save you a bundle on buying cases upon cases of water. One of the main problems that might come up is when you down all your water, find a refilling station, and question whether or not it’s safe to drink. I know a lot of you germophobes like me out there are nodding your head.

The Bobble is a water bottle that has a water filter built in to the cap. Which means you no longer have to fear drinking the water you got out of a random gym or park fountain anymore. It contains a replaceable charcoal filter that will remove organic contaminates from regular tap water. Not to mention it will cut down on that weird “I may not be safe” water smell. It costs anywhere from $10-13, which is the same for any such type water bottle, so definitely worth looking into getting it.

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