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Armed Notebooks Look Like The Perfect Place To Write Up Your Crackpot Manifesto

Armed Notebooks (Images courtesy MollaSpace)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a surefire way to ensure there’s no doubt you’ll be viewed as anything other than a crackpot when the authorities finally discover your manifesto. Sure, jotting down your thoughts about corporations, government conspiracies (and that waitress at IHOP who totally spit in your pancakes) on a roll of toilet paper or in a phonebook from 1977 is one way to get yourself on the FBI’s radar. But keeping them in a coiled notebook featuring a 3D relief of a handgun, grenade or knife on the cover is a guaranteed one way ticket to surveillance vans sitting outside your apartment all night long.

I guess these Armed Notebooks are supposed to be some kind of commentary on somethingorother, but the irony is completely lost on me. What I do know is that the message, whatever that may be, is carried into the notebooks themselves as each page features unique designs inspired by what’s on the cover. $20 each from MollaSpace.

[ Armed Notebooks ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

  • Franco1975

    This day and age, its not a good idea to be seen with stuff like this . But cool idea.