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You’re Probably Not Going To Find Cooler Packaging For A Piece Of Vinyl Than This, And Definitely Not For $15

Graf Orlock "Doombox" (Image courtesy Graf Orlock)
By Andrew Liszewski

Over the top DVD and Blu-ray packaging are not uncommon these days, but you don’t see much being done for new vinyl releases. It might be because the format has been supplanted 3 or 4 times over by now, or it could be the fact that bands who still do produce vinyl pressings just don’t care about their fans. Clearly that’s not the case with the hardcore group Graf Orlock though.

Their latest release, Doombox, comes on a very cool, clear 10-inch piece of vinyl in a box set that also includes CDs of not only their current release, but their last 3 trilogy records as well. Giving you 42 tracks of Graf Orlock goodness. (With ‘goodness’ being a relative term.) But as you can see in the photo, who cares about the music when the vinyl’s packaging includes instructions for turning it into a fairly convincing cardboard (non-functioning) boombox. All for just $15! (I’m fairly certain that’s not just the pre-order price.) Goodbye reference texts, I’ve suddenly got the need for more shelf space.

[ Graf Orlock “Doombox” ] VIA [ ALBOTAS & OMG Vinyl ]