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Stetheadphone Makes You Look Like A Highly Educated Physician, Even While Listening To ICP

Stetheadphone (Images courtesy Antrepo Design Industry)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you were hoping to garner a bit more respect from passing strangers while listening to MP3s about the miracles of rainbows and magnets, I can’t think of an easier way than pretending to be a doctor. So just get yourself a pair of scrubs, and hope that Istanbul-based design shop Antrepo finds a manufacturer to produce their Stetheadphone headphones concept.

As you can see they’re designed to look like you’re wearing a stethoscope while listening to your music, though I suspect you’ll seem a little out of place wearing them outside of a hospital or bank heist setting. And like the earbuds that come with the iPod or iPhone they even feature an inline mic and remote allowing you to make and receive calls, as well as control your music. But feature lists don’t mean diddly squat when a product doesn’t exist yet, so hopefully Antrepo will push to make these a reality for medical school dropouts and doctor wannabes everywhere.

[ Stetheadphone ] VIA [ MedCrunch ]

  • Eric de Jesus

    Stetheadphones? It would be cool if you're sitting next to a patient while having this on your ears. But when your traveling/on a bus/walking outside and wearing this, it may turn to a pain because it looks really loose and a little wobbly.