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King Jim’s SHOT NOTE Notepads Take A Low-Tech Approach To Digitizing Hand-Written Notes

King Jim's SHOT NOTES (Image courtesy DigInfo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Despite the fact that everyone’s carrying around sophisticated smartphones these days, Moleskines, Field Notes and other paper-based note taking solutions remain very popular. Tapping away at an on-screen keyboard is still no where near as efficient as pen and paper, so King Jim has created a somewhat low-tech approach to bridge the gap between the iPhone and hand-written notes.

Their SHOT NOTE notepads come in various sizes, and can be used with a regular pen, pencil or whatever you happen to prefer to write with. When a page is complete, it can be archived via the SHOT NOTE iPhone app by simply snapping a photo of it. Each page features markers in the corner which lets the app automatically correct for perspective distortion and ensures it fits perfectly on the iPhone’s screen. In the upper right corner there’s even a sort-of DIY segmented LCD that lets you fill in the number and date of the note, which will be OCR’d by the SHOT NOTE app and used to automagically name and store the page.

King Jim's SHOT NOTES (Image courtesy DigInfo)

The app can then be used to search your notes, in a limited fashion of course since the whole page isn’t OCR’d, or you can simply keep them in the iPhone’s native Photo app or even export them to Evernote. Available starting today the notepads are available in small, medium and large sizes and range in price from about ~$4 (¥320) to ~$7 (¥600).

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