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A Little Round-Round-Land Cups Double As Porcelain Zoetropes

A Little Round-Round-Land Cups Double As Porcelain Zoetropes

A Little Round-Round-Land Cups (Image courtesy Molla Space)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve never had the um… fortune… of attending an afternoon tea, but I have the feeling that being surrounded by doilies and cucumber sandwiches would make me a little fidgety. So if I ever find myself in that situation, I’m hoping the host or hostess has a set of these awesome porcelain tea cups that double as porcelain zoetropes.

The Little Round-Round-Land Cups feature a unique design with 2 saucers stacked atop each other. The upper saucer has a series of images around the outer edge that reflect in the platinum coated mirrors on the tea cup. And the upper saucer can be spun with a flick of your finger creating a merry-go-round like effect on the cup. Now maybe referring to it as a zoetrope is a bit of a stretch since it never really produces a true animation effect, but the idea is kind of similar.

Available from the Molla Space store in a Merry-Go-Round or Adventures in Wonderland pattern for $70. (And that’s for just one cup and saucer set as far as I can tell.)

[ A Little Round-Round-Land Cups ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]


2 responses to “A Little Round-Round-Land Cups Double As Porcelain Zoetropes”

  1. Brandi says:

    It looks like a praxinoscope (which uses mirrors the way this does), but it depends on if the images on the saucer are drawn to give the illusion of motion. It might be hard to get it to spin fast enough– but it's still neat.