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Put An FPS-Style Bullet Counter On Your Gun

Put An FPS-Style Bullet Counter On Your Gun

By Chris Scott Barr

Did I fire 29 bullets or 30? When you’re in the middle of a shoot-out, that can be an important thing to know. Granted, the only time most of us really care about that sort of thing is when we’re playing an FPS. However, if you’re a gun aficionado, then you might find this little device to be of interest. It clips onto your firearm of choice and counts the number of shots fired.

The custom gadget uses a rather simple way of counting shots. Rather than keeping track of the bullets themselves, it uses an accelerometer to measure the gun’s recoil. Since different guns are going to have a different amount of recoil, this can be adjusted. Also adjustable is the counter itself, since you may have larger or smaller magazines. The device was originally made as a one-off project, but the creator is now working to put it into production, so you may be able to purchase one of these in the future.

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