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Ransa Sofa Floats Over A Shelf – Perfect For Those Who Like Their Books Getting Kicked

Ransa Bookshelf Sofa (Image courtesy Younes Duret)
By Andrew Liszewski

I really like the design of Younes Duret’s Ransa sofa which makes it look like the sitting area is floating over a floor-level bookshelf, but I have to question its practicality. I mean it’s nice to have a small library of reading material within arm’s reach when you’re lounging about, but as one of those guys who hates cracking the spine on his books and magazines, I’d be constantly worried about guests swinging their legs, constantly banging into my collection. But as I’ve discovered time and time again, maybe that’s just me…

As far as I can tell this is just a design concept, but I’m sure you can DIY one with an old futon and a collection of milk crates once you remove all the vinyl hippy.

[ Younes Duret – Ransa Sofa ] VIA [ DigsDigs ]

  • Franco1975

    Interesting in concept but impractical in reality? I can only imagine the amount of dust that will gather in it.

  • RobPez

    How is this any better than stacking your books on the floor???