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The Chaheati Chair Keeps Your Rear Warm

The Chaheati Chair Keeps Your Rear Warm

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s cold outside. If you’re reading this somewhere that is warm, then I envy you. My thoughts are currently of very warm things, such as this Chaheati Chair. This might look like your average folding chair, but it is anything but. While most other such chairs simply give you a place to sit, this one gives you a warm place to sit.

This chair features a heating element that is guaranteed to keep your rear (as well as your back) nice and toasty for up to six hours at 100-degrees. If you’re attempting to endure some seriously cold weather, then you can crank it up to 145-degrees and still milk a good 1.8 hours out of it. That actually seems like it would almost be too warm, but who am I to judge. This awesome chair will set you back $90, which seems well worth it if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold.

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One response to “The Chaheati Chair Keeps Your Rear Warm”

  1. Franco1975 says:

    This is something I would actually buy. Good find ohGizmo!