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Dunhill Biometric Wallet – Probably A Little Overkill

Dunhill Biometric Wallet – Probably A Little Overkill

Dunhill Biometric Wallet (Images courtesy Dunhill)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you live in a busy urban area and spend your time engulfed in crowds of people on the street, or bumping into the masses on the subway, it’s probably not a terrible idea to be a little extra cautious with your wallet. You never know when your pockets might get picked. But there’s cautious, and then there’s downright paranoid, which I think can be said of anyone who drops $825 on this biometrically protected wallet from Dunhill.

The wallet can only be opened by swiping your fingerprint, so while would-be thieves might be able to get their hands on it, they won’t be able to open it. And attempts to crack it open will be mostly thwarted by its sleek carbon fiber outer shell. I mean it’s not completely indestructible, but it should be frustrating enough to deter most people. The Biometric Wallet can even let you know if it’s been taken or forgotten thanks to a Bluetooth link to your phone which sounds an alarm if the two are more than 5 meters apart. On the inside you’ll find a real leather finish with a stainless steel money clip, but I’d expect nothing less when they’re asking almost $1,000 for it.

[ Dunhill Biometric Wallet ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

  • Elton Sites

    This is really cool. But the coolness really needs the budget. But you can consider this as a luxury of some sort. Because if you just have a $100 in this wallet, a thief will most likely get the wallet and leave the $100. LOL

  • Eric de Jesus

    Hmm.. I'm thinking the thief might just sell the $1000 wallet rather than get the money inside. This is really cool especially because of the security. I just don't know if the price is just right. Well, the biometric feature and the carbon outershell may be the ones that made it expensive.. They should've installed a GPS on this.

  • broobbus

    Cool? This is completely useless. If somebody steals your wallet what does it matter if they can open it easily or not. They certainly won’t take it back anyway and you certainly can’t trust that they didn’t indeed open it, so you’ll have to invalidate your credit card anyway.