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Automatic Weapon Ammo Counter Maybe Blurs The Line Between Video Games And Real Life A Little Too Much?

Automatic Weapon Ammo Counter (Image courtesy Michael Ciuffo)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m sure there might be practical uses for this first-person-style ammo counter which clips on to the end of an automatic weapon and keeps track of how many rounds have been fired, like say for the military and law enforcement. But that’s not really the vibe I get from Michael Ciuffo’s YouTube video showing it in action. I suspect it was created more as an homage to titles like Call of Duty, than a way to assist those in combat.

It does seem to be pretty accurate though, and while there are no details about the tech it uses to count the rounds, there apparently has already been enough reaction and demand from the video that Michael’s planning to put the counter into production.

[ YouTube – Bullet Counter official test ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

  • alexcue

    The creator had a thread on Reddit awhile ago discussing it in more detail. It picks up recoil, and is set to something like 25Gs or something to discourage false positives. I will see if I can find it.

  • Elton Sites

    hey, are video games being made into reality? Is this counter-strike we are dealing with? This might prove useful in the battlefield. But does people have any other ideas that may contribute to the better of more people?