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Kork iPad Case Is Tough And Eco-Friendly

Kork iPad Case Is Tough And Eco-Friendly

By Chris Scott Barr

There are iPad cases out there that are every color under the sun, and made of many different materials. Including cork! The Kork iPad case is pretty much exactly what you would imagine it to be. It’s a giant piece of cork that fits snug around your iPad. It’s really tough and sturdy, yet flexible. We all have nylon, plastic, and rubber cases, but how many people are able to say that they own a cork case?

There is the obvious threat of it breaking in half, but there’s a good chance that’s only going to happen when your iPad isn’t in there. It does seem like it would be able to protect your tablet rather well, since the material should be able to take an impact. This only costs around $67 bucks, and you must admit it’s pretty spiffy, in addition to being eco-friendly

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