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Can A Uniquely Designed Bowl Improve Your Hand Mixer’s Performance? The MixerMate Claims It Can

MixerMate Bowls (Image courtesy New Metro Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I prefer the smell of fresh baked cookies coming from the kitchen, I think right now I might actually be picking up the distinct aroma of snake oil. For a mere $22.29 you can procure one of these 3-quart MixerMate bowls (in one of four different colors) that promises to reduce mixing time by up to 30% thanks to its unique funnel design which creates a “tornado-like action.”

There’s a couple of videos of the MixerMate in action on YouTube, but to be honest I’m not seeing their claimed tornado-like effect. However, I’ll admit the design of the bowl alone could actually justify its price if you tend to get food all over the place when your hand mixer comes out to play. It’s got extra high walls to keep everything contained and a footed non-slip base so there’s less chance of the bowl toppling when ingredients are spinning about inside. And the fact that all four sides are contoured into pouring spouts is pretty handy too. Just maybe not $22 handy…

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